The world that we’ve known is over and the New Earth experience has begun ~ Ronnie Whittaker


Resolving through the darkness, confusion, and uncertainty of our times is part of the transition process and provides great ground for awakening, transformation and the resolution of consciousness.

As the darkness comes to a head and situations run their course we at the same time will transition from the old ways and systems into the New Earth experience, circumventing the imposed World Order. 

That’s what we are here to do

Many of us have lived for these times. The reality of them now here before us. 

You have the opportunity to apply yourself fully to this practical path and dimensional transition

We are an awakened community of individuals from different countries embarking on this same journey together through the 4 necessary elements of evolutionary transition.


Reclaiming your natural sovereignty. Resolving your practical and emotional dependancies upon the functions of matrix society. Standing in your own true nature, confidence and expression whilst consciously navigating the challenges of our times.

Healing your consciousness. Resolving the shadows of your own unconscious mind including current fears and negatve psycho-emotional experiences from the past. Raising your consciousness and liberating yourself in return to clear wholeness

Creating local awakened community. To assist practical survival and transition through these times as well as birthing the consciousness and practical cohabitation of a new sovereign humanity.

Evolving into the New Earth experience. Shifting our consciousness through continued transformation and awakening. Through continued cohabitation of conscious community. And through living and realising our natural connection with the consciousness of ourselves, each other and the planet we exist upon.


Progression of the elements occurs in the format of daily videos and practical excersizes to help guide you through them

The experience is facilitated by our founder Ronnie Whittaker.

He’s been doing this work to assist people in their evolutionary transition for over 10 years. 

He himself was taken through the process in 2007/2008 by his late teacher. 

You can find out more about Ronnie from his website at


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